(Appendix to "General Regulations for ships' navigation and berthing in Russian Federation's sea ports and approaches") 



2. Navigation in the zone of regulations' application
2.1. Navigation rules

2.2. Pilotage

2.3. Towing in the port water area

2.4. Small craft navigation

3. Entering and leaving the port
3.1. Information about the approach

3.2. Inward clearance
3.3. Outward clearance

4. Ships stay in the port
4.1. Staying within the outer roadstead

4.2. Preparation of the berths for ships mooring
4.3. Mooring
4.4. Ships laying alongside the berth
4.5. Actions under the dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena
4.6. Environmental pollution prevention
4.7. Use of radiocommunication facilities and of wire communication in the port

5. Cargo and passenger operations in the port

6. Sanitary and quarantine regime in the port

7. Safety and maintenance of constractions within the port water and land area
7.1. Regarding order, guard and traffic within the port territory

7.2. Fire protection routine in the port
7.3. Regarding the portworks building, use and maintenance

8. Annexes
8.1. Anchorage areas Nos. 417, 418

8.2. Berths and limits of the port

8.3. Mooring pattern