In December, 1898, the building of the first hydraulic structure (the gamma-type breakwater) in Tuapse bay was completed, it formed small area of water with depthes up to 19 foots. With its appearance, so-called, «public» port - shelter, it was accepted to read out the history of Tuapse Commercial Sea Port.

However, just from the beginning of 1899, in state structure of the Russian Empire the problem of its further development and transformation in one of the largest ports of the Black Sea is put. Exactly from this period and during the subsequent decade the State Advice, and then the State Duma practically is annually considered  the proposals of  building a new deep-water port in Tuapse.

As a result of acute controversies in 1909 the activities  of the begining of building the first Russian commercial port were started, and to 1917 the exponentation of the complex of protecting structures which  form modern harbour area was finished.

And today, 100 years later, the State Duma of Russian Federation under the initiative of Tuapse Port Authority again returns to the discussion of the question about  further  development of the port and creation a new cargo region.